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29 Sep 2015 
Accounting servicesThe objective of accounting is to ensure that informed judgments are underpinned by numerical financial information. Therefore, the fact that owners and managers do not understand accounting is evidence of failure by the accounting profession in educating and making sure the users of accounting information understand it.

Most business owners and senior managers are geniuses at coming up with great, commercially viable business ideas or growing their businesses, however, they usually capitulate when accounting issues are brought into the mix.

One of the reasons why accounting is generally considered as being both difficult and boring is because of the technical language or accounting jargon that accountants and bookkeepers employ in describing the business' affairs. The other possible reason why accounting is considered to be complicated and boring is because most people hate or fear numbers, and accounting is a medium of reporting that expresses a business' performance and financial position through the use of numbers.

With these arguments against the profession, one may ask if accounting is an exciting profession. There is a simple answer to the question, "Is accounting interesting?" Yes, it is interesting. Accounting is both a science and an art. The science element of accounting makes it predictable, but the art element of accounting makes it both judgmental and subjective. This balance of art and science makes accounting interesting.

Accounting tells the story of the business' financial affairs in numerical terms. It tells users of accounting information how well or badly the business is performing, how strong its financial position is and whether the business is financially adaptable. Accounting reports the financial performance of a business through the use of the profit Wayne Lippman and loss accounts. It reports the strength of its financial position through use of the balance sheet, and it explains a business' ability to adapt financially through the use of cash flow statements.

Some of the reasons why accounting is an interesting profession are as follows;

Businesses operate in a dynamic and ever-changing environment, and as the business environment changes, the accounting profession changes, too. Change is interesting. Because of continuous changes in the profession, accountants are unlikely to be bored by inertia that is caused by slow changes in a profession. During the financial crisis, the profession changed to meet the new requirements of the new world of business. When new financial instruments became complicated, the accounting profession introduced accounting standards that met the new information needs of users, as was the case when some businesses started paying employees using share-based payments. This process of continuous change and adaption make the profession interesting.The accounting profession is developing so fast. In the next 10 years, accounting will look completely different from what it is today. As information technology developments and e-commerce continue to advance, accounting will advance also. However, it should be noted that despite the continuous changes to the profession, accounting usually lags behind commerce.The accounting profession is rewarding financially and academically because accountants earn high salaries and are well regarded, so their input is sought out in a plethora of areas including by businesses and governments. Accounting is also a bell weather profession because all businesses will always require accountants, even if their roles may change in future. The fact that the roles always change also makes the profession more interesting because it means accountants will always have the opportunity to learn, re-skill and improve their knowledge.Accounting is interesting because it is the language of business. Being the language of business makes accounting the medium through which financial performance, financial position and financial adaptability are measured and reported. Therefore, accountants have the privilege of speaking the language of business.

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